General regulation

Participant Qualification
Immigrants, migrant workers, or second-generation immigrant residents living, or have lived in Asia.

Entry Requirement
An entry in any form of style, one entry per person.
Written in Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, or Myanmar.

Evaluation Process
Primary Selection:
Four countries, a total of forty articles.
Final Selection:
Discussion and voting between the judges
Announcement of the Winners

Announcement of Awards
The results will be announced on the official website.
The winners will be phoned individually of the announcement.

First Prize: 1 winner, NT$ 100,000, one trophy.
Jury Award: 1 winner, NT$ 80,000, one trophy.
Choice Award: 3 winners, NT$ 20,000, one trophy.
Teen Choice Award: 3 winners, NT$ 20,000, one trophy.
Macau Special Award: 1 winner, NT$ 20,000, one trophy.

Deadline: May 17, 2020

How to submit your work
Online registration and submission

Terms and Conditions
■ Copying, deception under false names, or any infringement of copyright is prohibited.
■ Violators will be disqualified, and be retrieved of all awards. All legal responsibilities will be charged solely to the participant involved.
■ Please save a copy of the entry work. All entries will not be returned. One entry per person.
■ If entry works fail to match the requirements of the contest, it will be disqualified.
Entry works are intellectual property with moral rights, and have authorized the organizers for any form of promotion, publication, postage without extra charge (royalty-free).
■ In accordance with tax laws, awards over 20 thousand NTD are required to withhold a income tax.
■ Participants are subject to the terms and conditions. Amendments and addition announcements will be made when and if necessary.